Circulating Cap ( Swage )

Circulating Cap ( Swage ):
Port of Loading : Tianjin / Qingdao / Shanghai
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Pieces
Supply Ability: 1,000 Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: T/T

Circulating Cap ( Swage )


● The Circulating Cap ( swage )is an attachment to the casing that provides the ability to circulate fluids prior to the cementing operation.
● Hole conditioning is very important as it prepares the well for better displacement of the cement slurry, improved fluid movement, removal of residual gases in the drilling fluid, and
   removal of any gelled drilling mud and formation filter cake which may be present after drilling is completed.
● The circulating fluid is transmitted from the pumper truck through the pump line and into the circulating cap ( swage) via the 2" Fig. 1502 inlet on top of the assembly.
● Remove the lift plug to attach the pump line.
● The bottom sub may be threaded with an API or Premium connection to attach to the casing string.

Features of Circulating Cap ( Swage )

● Casing Ciculating Caps (swage) support the full line of API casing sizes from 4 1/2" thru 20".
● Maximum Operating Pressure up to 10,000 PSI.
● Lift plug c/w swivel for handling and installing the circulating cap.


Size Options


Casing Ciculating Caps (swage) support the full line of API casing sizesfrom 4 1/2" thru 20".