Top Drive Rotating Cement Head

Top Drive Rotating Cement Head :
Port of Loading : Tianjin / Qingdao / Shanghai
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Pieces
Supply Ability: 1,000 Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: T/T

Top Drive Rotating Cement Head


Rotary cement head is one of the main tools of rotary liner cementing. It not only has the function of conventional cement head, but also has the function of rotary liner.
The Rotary Cement Head is mainly composed of Upper Joint, Upper Pipe Body, Middle Joint, Lower Pipe Body, Quick Fitting Joint, Rotary Sleeve and Manifold. The Rotary 
Sleeve is the core part of the product. The rotary function is realized by the bearing in the Rotary Sleeve, and the rotary seal is realized by the special Sealing Ring.


Operational Manual of the Top Drive Rotating Cement Head


First, install the Top and Bottom Cementing plugs into the Cement head, then connect the Fast joint with the casing, and connect the Upper Joint with the Top Drive. Then connect the Cement Head with the Fast Joint and lock it with the Lock Block after turning it positively for 30 degrees. During Cementing, Circulation, release of Lower Rubber Plug and release of Upper Rubber Plug are realized by controlling Cock Valve and Rubber Plug Stop Pin. And check whether the Rubber Plug is released normally by observing the Rubber Plug Indicator. If it is necessary to rotate the casing, the manifold of the cement head must be fixed to prevent it from rotating with the string (Reverse Circulation is Forbidden). The Cement Head shall be operated in strictly accordance with the Parameter of the Cement Head. It is forbidden to overload the Cement Head, and it is forbidden to rotate when there is no liquid in the Cement Head

Size Options

Rotary cement head is available from 4-1/2" thru 13-3/8"