Hinged Non Welded Simi Rigid Centralizer

Item No.: 3
Hinged Non Welded Simi Rigid Casing Centralizer:
Port of Loading : Tianjin / Qingdao / Shanghai
Min.Order Quantity: 50 Pieces
Supply Ability: 10,000 Pieces per Month
Payment Terms: T/T

Hinged Non Welded Simi Rigid Casing Centralizer


Hinged Non Weld Semi Rigid Centralizers are uniquely designed with a flat-bottom U-profile of different depths, which permit an extremely high fluid passage. These positive centralizers may be used for both casing and tubing applications that require concentric casing strings. The straight bows provide nearly 100% stand-off (concentricity) when running inside a deviated cased hole, while the self-locking design of the centralizer ensures a firm hold. Furthermore, the non-welded structure eliminates brittle spots and enhances durability.

Performance Features

  • Hinged Non Welded Semi Rigid Bow Centralizers are designed for centralising the casing pipe in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • High-quality steel alloy bows with flat bottom U-profiles of different depths permit an extremely high fluid passage.
  • The formed U-profile bows provide a superior stand-off and more effective centralisation than conventional bow centralizers. This enables efficient liner hanger and packer setting.
  • These positive centralizers are highly suitable for stage and surface cementing.
  • Hinge locking pins are made of high-strength steel for maximum structural strength.
  • Bows can be configured for any hole diameter with a choice of various standard bow heights for optimum performance and centralisation to suit the outer casing combinations.
  • Its high performance characteristics are combined with an easy field assembly.

Size Range Options

  • The Non welded hinged positive bow Simi Rigid centralizers are available in sizes 4 ½" to 30”
  • Special sizes or combination can be made available on request